February 22, 2024

Development Strategy of Maintenance and Repair Organization (MRO) in Indonesia

The Head of the Indonesian Aircraft Maintenance Services Association (IAMSA), Mr. Rowin H. Mangkoesoebroto, MSAE, gave a guest lecture in IULI for Aviation Engineering students on 12th of November 2019. The IAMSA consists of 31 MRO companies in Indonesia and has a mission to provide MRO’s best solutions for domestic airlines operations. Mr. Rowin emphasized that 70-80% of the cost cycle of an airplane is in operation and maintenance expenses.
According to CAMRO 2016 about the potential of the Global MRO market 2016-2025, the MRO in Indonesia will grow from 0.97 Bio USD into 2.75 Bio USD. Currently, domestic MROs have only 30% of the market share. Thus, IAMSA has a goal to improve the domestic absorption up to 1.75 Bio USD (70% of market share) by 2023.
Mr. Rowin, who also the CEO of PT Merpati Maintenance Facility (MMF), explained the roadmap of Indonesian MROs. The near-future improvements include Airport Infrastructure Development (Batam, Kertajati, Solo, Makassar, Menado, Biak, Kupang) and Increased Capability and Capacity (Airframe Hangar, Components and Engines).
In the question and answer session, a student asked about the prospective for IULI graduates to join MROs. Mr. Rowin was confident that aviation engineering graduates, especially from IULI, could be part of the development and be the future leaders of the industry. He offered the opportunity for IULI students to do their internship in MMF as the preparation for their future career in aircraft maintenance.

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