February 2, 2023

Embracing the Powerhouse of Economy and Technology: IULI Students make history as they depart to Taiwan to complete their 3Plus2 Program at National Formosa University

Leaving home to go and study abroad can make first-time students a little nervous, especially during a pandemic. But by going abroad to learn, will open up so many doors of opportunities, despites the possible risks that might occur. 

We, at IULI believe, that being internationally exposed and learning different languages really opens up your world and perceptions to different ways of doing things. What one culture may consider the best way of doing something, may be challenged by another culture who has a different approach. At IULI we offer various international programs, including our newest program in cooperation with National Formosa University, Taiwan.

On Thursday, 8 April 2021, 8 of our students have departed to Taiwan to complete their 3plus2 Program, a program that includes a Bachelor and a Masters Degree in one package. The students have studied at IULI for three years and completed their Bachelor Degree and now they are pursuing their Masters Degree.

The students come from different study programs. Two are from Aviation Engineering, Three from Computer Science, One from Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

We are happy to share that we have had the privilege to get the story of their journey exclusively from one of the students, Rafly Syah Dwiputera (Computer Science batch 2017). Here is the story of his study journey:

The other day when I decided to partake in the joint IULI program, there has never been a thought in my mind about flying to Taipei for pursuing my postgraduate degree. That afternoon, a fidgety sensation was whacking in the heart, not only because of what has been prepared on the previous night but also about the concerns of this never-ending pandemic. As emotions of excitement and worry accumulated over the past several months, our efforts were unwavering. Everything went by so fast until the call for boarding was announced and we took our flight.

Each of us knew that preparing for the departure to NFU (National Formosa University) is not a simple task, it is not something done so easily to which it can be accomplished through the snap of your fingers. We are so fortunate and grateful that many from the International Office of NFU were helping us, not to mention Prof. Frank Lin, Ms. Peggy, Ms. Karen and Ms. Mimi, their constant support is truly remarkable. As it was not only them, others who have helped in making this program a reality, we are thankful.

Shortly, we landed at Taoyuan International Airport where acquiring a sim card was the first and most important step to follow the quarantine regulations. During the process, it was surprisingly heartwarming to see that the airport staff had given us so much assistance. Not only us but many bright students from all over the world were also present waiting to embark upon a new chapter in Taiwan. Before we could finally meet Prof. Frank Lin and Ms. Peggy that night, we had to go through the immigration process where all of us had encountered no difficulties whatsoever, it was a swift and steady procedure.

As we walked out after reclaiming our luggage, we were welcomed with open arms by Prof. Frank Lin and Ms. Peggy. We greeted one another, talked and also took some lovely pictures together. We were overjoyed, our several months of hard work had finally brought us up to a point where we can confidently take our studies to greater heights. Also, we are more than confident to say that we are in good hands and could not ask for anyone better.

We are now in our quarantine period where we have to stay for around 16 days at a hotel. It does get dull at times but the services, meals and views are great. Overall it is doable, with being productive and enjoying the time we have left in the hotel, we are having a pleasant experience so far.

This event is a program created by IULI and NFU, which the student may pursue their bachelor study in IULI to a postgraduate study in NFU. It will take five years as a fast track program. It is three years in IULI and two years in NFU. Thus it is called the 3Plus2 program.

The first semester for the 2 years of studying in NFU was done online due to the pandemic. My friends and I will soon attend regular face-to-face classes with the professors at NFU to finalize the remaining three semesters. My hope and plan towards completing this program is to proudly acquire a master’s degree from NFU and to expand my abilities and knowledge to where it can be applied in the real world for a brighter future.


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