June 21, 2024

Entrepreneurship Growth Mindset Seminar with Klemens Rahardja

Thursday, 7 November 2019- The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences organized a very successful seminar on Entrepreneurship delivered by Klemens Rahardja, founder of Entrepreneur Society and author of the book “The Art of Entrepreneurship”. The event took place on 7 November 2019 at the IULI Hall. Entitled “Entrepreneurship Growth Mindset”, the seminar was about understanding and developing a new mindset towards starting your own business. Mr. Klemens Raharja shared his expertise by sharing the essential parts of his “Entrepreneurship curriculum”. Participants had the opportunity to become acquainted with issues such as understanding entrepreneurship realities and implications, through examples and personal stories shared by Mr. Klemens himself. The event was well attended by students and faculty members who had the opportunity to explore new business topics and practices and gain knowledge that can help in the creation of inspiring businesses.
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