July 17, 2024

Exploring Batik Tulis to Value The Culture

Wednesday, 5th April 2023 Students and lecturers of Business Social Science Faculty attended Batik Workshop at Sanggar Batik Kembang Mayang which has become IULI partner. This event was organized by lectures RA. Afera Wijayanti, SE., M.Ak and Siti Nurfitriana S.TP, M.A.B, also it was the first training for next collaborations between IULI and Sanggar Batik Kembang Mayang in June. Besides practicing batik process, the students also learned about batik Philosophy.

Mrs.Farah the coordinator of Sanggar Batik Kembang Mayang managed the presentation and guided the process which are also assisted by her team. According to Mrs.Farah, every step of Batik represents the stages of life. For example, drawing and pinching or is usually called as nyanting represents how the parents educate their children and seed them values of life. Also coloring process potrays how external fills up people life as they get older.

The students are fulfilled by the experience and their batik also will be showed at Sanggar Batik Adikara IULI, the sanggar that will be run and managed by IULI for community service ahead. Hopefully, the event can be good learning platform for IULI and the students.


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