August 9, 2022

Global Networking with IULI: Welcoming Indonesian-Qatari Community

On Saturday, 19 June 2021 IULI held a special Info Sharing Session together with PERMIQA (Indonesian-Qatari Citizen Association) with the title: “Global Networking with IULI: Welcoming Indonesian-Qatari Community.

IULI currently has 18 Indonesian students that have graduated from High Schools in Qatar, who have contributed very well to the IULI community. Thus, IULI decided to reach out to the Indonesian-Qatari Community in Qatar to show our appreciation for the students and also to welcome new interested students from Qatar.

In this event we had the pleasure to welcome His Excellency Mr. Ridwan Hassan, Indonesian Ambassador for Qatar to give a welcoming speech. Also, Dr.-Ing Surjatin Wiriadidjaja, Chairman of Board of Management of IULI Foundation, followed by the head of PERMIQA, Mr. Ahmad Syarnubi Fattah, were present to give their welcoming addresses. Our rector Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo, also welcomed the participants and introduced all deans and faculty members of IULI, starting with the Dean of the Engineering Faculty, Dr.-Ing Prianggada Tanaya, followed by the Dean of the Life Science Faculty, Dr. Tutun Nugraha and also the Dean of Business and Social Sciences Dr. Samuel Anantadjaya.

The Masters of Ceremony for this special event were two students who graduated from High-Schools in Qatar:  Farhan Mahaputra Rahman, student of Mechanical Engineering batch 2018, graduate of M.E.S Indian School, Qatar and Edlin Annisa, student of Biomedical Engineering batch 2018 graduate of Al-Khor International School, Qatar.

In his opening speech, Dr.-Ing Surjatin Wiriadidjaja talked about the history of IULI and his hope for the future. He started by stating that IULI is still a young university that has been active for only 6 years now. IULI began with 10, but now there are 11 study programs that are divided into 3 Faculties: Engineering, Life Sciences and Business and Social Sciences. IULI has successfully held 2 graduation ceremonies in 2019 and 2020 and the third one will be held this year. With the support of IULI’s partner university and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program), IULI has been focusing on International Collaborations ever since the university was founded in 2014. He also mentioned that he is proud to announce that students of IULI can graduate with a Double Degree, Exchange student Program and a national degree. “We hope to take good care of our future students from Qatar and to give the best quality of education and to equip them to become professionals in their future careers, not just in Indonesia, but anywhere in the world.”

His excellency Mr. Ridwan Hassan, Indonesian Ambassador for Qatar also gave an inspiring welcoming speech. First, he mentioned that he was proud of the MC’s for this event, as he recognizes them as alumni from Qatari High Schools. In his speech he also said that living abroad for a long time as an Indonesian citizen, can also be quite a challenge in keeping up with the development of the world of education and also in the future life as professionals. However, the true identity as Indonesian people should always be kept. Even though there are many good universities in Qatar, but studying in your home country can benefit you in two ways: first you can gain technical and professional knowledge in your chosen field of study, and second, studying in your home country can help you absorb Indonesian values more closely and you can also experience them in a real setting. “I find it very important to further develop one’s capacity both academically and also in terms of moral and character. “I am glad that the study programs and options that are offered at IULI serve as a solution to academic excellence combined with good values and character and not neglecting the identity of your nationality.”

Following the speech of the Ambassador, was another welcoming speech by the Head of PERMIQA  (the Indonesian-Qatari Community), Mr. Ahmad Syarnubi Fattah. He hopes that IULI’s alumni from Qatar will work in Qatar to follow their parents’ footsteps; or any student in general can start a career in Qatar. PERMIQA highly supports activities of Indonesian citizens that live in Qatar, thus this event was established based on the great opportunities it serves for the Indonesian citizens. “I have received information from parents that plan to enrol their child in IULI. They said that IULI is an international university with high quality of education that produces graduates for the modern international labour market. Thus, I suggested that IULI should develop a collaboration with PERMIQA and the Indonesian Embassy in Doha to create a webinar to attract future students from Qatar.” Mr. Syarnubi also hopes for further collaborations in the future.

The last welcoming speech was delivered by the rector of IULI, Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo. In his welcoming address he expressed how happy he is to have 18 students enrolled at IULI who have graduated from High Schools in Qatar and he is proud to announce that 6 of them are currently doing their international programs in both Germany and Taiwan. “Although, we face many limitations during this pandemic, but we are still thinking positively to find solutions; and the amazing part is that the students also take part in the problem-solving process. We work very closely together, so that a new way of learning has emerged. They do not only learn from textbooks, but they learn to face and also solve problems in certain situations. This closeness between lecturers and students can also be described in the tagline “IULI, second home”. Since IULI is a small university the relationship between students and lecturers is more like a family and they can communicate at any time. “Through hard work and dedication, students are able to fulfil the requirements of the international standard and at the same time they need to fulfil the requirements of IULI, which follows the regulation of the Indonesian government.” The rector also hopes that through the international exposure and networking, IULI can help the students mature and equip them for their future careers.

In this event the attendees were also introduced to the programs of the German International Institute and also the National Institute through a presentation held by Dr. Sven Rost, Vice Rector for International Affairs, Marketing and Sales. To Highlight the event, we also held a special Talk-show with four students that have graduated from High-Schools in Qatar to share about their overall experience at IULI. The students were: Rosa Islamey, Biomedical Engineering 2018, who is currently doing her Thesis for her Double Degree Program at TU Ilmenau, Germany and graduate of Al-Khor International School, Qatar; Raihan Syauqi, Aviation Engineering 2017, graduate of The Cambridge School, Qatar and Arif Jabbar Abdillah, Mechanical Engineering 2017, graduate of Al-Khor International School, Qatar who are currently doing their 2+3 Masters Program at National Formosa University, Taiwan; and Viola Qatarisa, International Relations 2019, who is currently in her fourth semester at IULI and also a graduate of Al-Khor International School, Qatar.  

After the Talk-Show the participants of the event listened to presentations from each faculty by the respective deans and in the last session the participants had the opportunity to consult with each faculty and also with the admissions office of the German International Institute and National Institute of IULI.

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