December 9, 2023

IBA Students Acquire Intellectual Property Rights for Their Research Work in Their Consumer Behaviour Course

We are proud to announce that our students have successfully acquired intellectual property rights as authors of an academic paper. Four students from the International Business Administration (IBA) study program Muhammad Fadel Ramadhan, Muhammad Satriodimo Ramadhan, Imam Jassim Muhammad and Raditya Kevin Wisnumurti, wrote a paper titled “Consumer Profiles Assignment Consumer Behaviour: TeamLab and Future Park”, under the supervision of  the Dean of Business and Social Sciences Faculty, Dr. Samuel Prasetya for their Consumer Behaviour Course.

“We were told do a research of current trending events for the subject of Consumer Behaviour. Back then the Teamlab Art Organization has opened a contemporary art event that offers visitors with the theme of modern art. The event was very well received by the public due to the fact that the event was held abroad before, such as in Japan and Malaysia. We came up with this topic because we also noticed the surge of interest in modern contemporary art in the current generation”, Explains Raditya Kevin Wisnumurti.

“The project took about one week to complete. We didn’t have any major issues while working on this project, however the only setback for us was to find the people to interview,” he adds.

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