February 22, 2024

Students’ Assistance During the 1st Entrance Test @ IULI

IULI recognizes that our students are our best advertisement. Not only that, but they are often, with some initial guidance, capable of organizing events better than the lecturers. However, this assumes that students are willing to help and to organize. Fortunately, at IULI, we have fantastic students who are willing to find time in their often hectic schedules to assist IULI staff or to organize events. On October 7, 2017 (a Saturday!), Karissa from IBA 3, assisted at IULI’s first entrance test for the 2018 intake. She was needed because of the large number of candidates. Karissa, along with representatives from IULI’s parents’ association, gave the parents of candidates essential information about and shared her experiences so far. She, then, along with Stanley from semester 5 MTE, gave the parents and students a tour of IULI’s two campuses (MiE).

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