July 17, 2024

Another Milestone Reached: IULI Students Selected in YES4SDG YOUTH SUMMIT 2017 in Thailand by the United Nations

30 October 2017 – Unbeknownst to most of the public, the United Nations (UN) is implementing long-term goals for a better world; otherwise known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). As part of reaching this ultimate goal, the UN developed a global youth leadership program reacting to the worldwide need for effectively inspiring youth to support SDG activities. Interested youths were encouraged to sign up for a selection process to get a chance to learn and sharpen aptitudes important for partaking in SDG-related exercises. Activities during the training include High Level Forums, Cultural Village Visits, Leadership Development Training, a Youth Symposium, and a Networking Dinner.

For this event, two students from IULI decided to take the chance and be vocal as a part of supporting the SDGs. International Business Administration was represented by Gyda Tertia from the 2015 Batch. Gyda shared her thoughts: “I decided to become vigilant when it comes to improving the environment. I always believe that big goals require small actions. And this is it! Simply by being active in part of the SDG movement, I have proven to be a good global citizen. At the same time, representing IULI in a global event is also an honor on its own.” After the initial selection online, Gyda was privileged to be chosen in the top 20 out of (over) 500 applicants.

Following the initial phase of selection, Gyda was required to submit an abstract on ‘How to Create a Better World in Daily Life.” For this task, Gyda decided to write about what is close to her heart: music. Gyda’s writing “Music Accountability to Create a Better World” elaborates how music has a major impact on youth and can be used as a tool in creating a better world parallel to SDGs, simply because it connects to people’s character, not just their beings. Eventually, Gyda’s work succeeded in securing her a place in top 20 participants and she was granted a Fully-Funded Program worth about $500 dollars.

Another achievement was by Jessica Natalie from International Relations batch 2015. Jessica has been active since she first stumbled across the YES4SDG Youth Summit. Jessica expressed her view: “What excites me the most is to listen ot new arguments regarding this matter and to see conflicts from different points of view. Being able to discuss SDGs with local peers is also something I look forward to.” Jessica also encourages her juniors to be engaged in external activities, albeit coming from a relatively new institution. She said “No path is the easiest in this life. But I’ve learnt that when you always believe in good faith, your chosen path will be worth the fight. And for that, when it comes to victory after any fights, don’t feel pleased, or satisfied, because when you do, it’ll be the starting point of your destruction.” Jessica secured a place in the top 300 of participants, being granted a $200 Scholarship Fee. For her essay, Jessica focused on the 12th Goal of the SDGs regarding responsible consumption and production. Jessica elaborated on possible alternatives to daily consumption.

The program was packed to meet the delegates’ expectation to know the progress on SDGs. Mesmerizing visits were made to the SEAFDEC the Southeast Asian fishery development center, APDC (Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disabilities), Pathum Thani; agriculture research and development center, and, the highlight of the trip, to the UNCC (United Nations Conference Center). The summit was held on the third day.There the delegates got the chance to share their ideas on SDGs and present papers in groups (Raditya Rama–MGT 2015/MiE)

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