November 30, 2023

Aviation Engineering Students visit PUSPIPTEK

On the 4th of September 2019, aviation engineering students batch 2017
successfully carried out aerodynamics experiments using Educational Small Wind Tunnel at National Laboratory for Aerodynamics, Aeroelastics, and Aeroacoustics Technology, PUSPIPTEK. Three-experimental groups were supervised by Mr. Andree Yohanes, Mr. Ilham Akbar, and Mr. Novan
Risnawan respectively to conduct measurements on aerodynamic forces,
e.g. lift, drag, and moments. A two-dimensional symmetric airfoil NACA
0018 was investigated for various angle of attack. In addition to that,
laminar-to-turbulence transition location was also predicted using tuft
wools. From this experiment, the students were expected to be able to
understand the aerodynamic forces generation and its dependency to
angle of attack. Moreover, the students also learned Reynolds number
effect to transition location or separated flow region.

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