July 17, 2024

Christmas Celebration at IULI

On 13 December 2019, the Student Executive Board (BEM) held their annual Christmas Celebration at IULI. Together with the IULI Parents Association BEM held another heartfelt celebration.
This year, IULI invited the children of the Kasih Sesama Umat Orphanage to celebrate a beautiful night of Christmas music and fun, but also sharing and caring. The event started off with an opening speeches by Stacey Ivana (BME 2019), head of event and also one of the Caretakers from Kasih Sesama Umat Orphanage and was followed by a performance of Christmas songs by the IULI Music Community. After that we welcomed Pastor Benny to give an inspirational sermon with the theme “Born to be King”.
At the end of the celebration, IULI students gave out Christmas presents for the children. It was a beautiful event of joy and love as students and the children of the Kasih Sesama Umat Orphanage danced and sang together and had lots of fun.

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