June 21, 2024

Final Day, BATIKFEST: Melestarikan Pesona Batik

On May 21st, the much-awaited final day of BATIKFEST: Melestarikan Pesona Batik Kembang Mayang arrived, marking the culmination of a three-day journey celebrating the rich cultural and economic significance of batik. The event was hosted by the Business and Social Studies students of the International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI).

Unlike the previous days, the final day’s festivities began at noon. Before the activities commenced, all participants from PKBM Sanjaya, the students, the teachers and the head master Mr Khairudin gathered together for a delightful lunch provided by Nabilung restaurant. Nabilung is the real business came from the students project, they are Aswin, Naufal, Agi, Kiki, Jeremy and Verena and supervised by lecturer Ms Afera Wijayanti, SE., M.Ak., CPMSA. The boxed lunch included a satisfying combination of egg, tempe, noodles, and rice. With full stomachs and quenched thirsts, the attendees eagerly awaited the next segment of the day’s program.

Soon after lunch, the students from PKBM Sanjaya arrived, prepared to present their innovative business ideas related to batik. Divided into three groups, each had a unique presentation format. The first and second groups had prepared paper presentations, while the third group opted for a digital presentation. After each presentation, the groups faced immediate judgment and received valuable feedback from a panel of expert judges.

With the conclusion of the presentations and judging, it was time to evaluate the students’ batik-making skills. While every batik art piece was considered beautiful in its own right, Ms. Farah, the head of the batik workshop Kembang Mayang, carefully examined each creation and made the final decision regarding the best batik artwork.

As the event drew to a close, the students were filled with a newfound appreciation and understanding of batik. Their efforts and dedication were recognized with the presentation of three different certificates, acknowledging their participation and accomplishments. To top it off, the students also received reward prizes, adding to their sense of achievement.

With hearts brimming with excitement and a fresh outlook on the art of batik, the students and teachers bid farewell to the BATIKFEST. As they returned home, they carried with them cherished memories and a lasting connection to the world of batik, knowing that they had been part of a remarkable event that celebrated the heritage and significance of this traditional Indonesian art form. (Cyl/Afw)

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