February 22, 2024

General Lecture on Introduction to Airline Industry in Indonesia

On Wednesday, 13 April 2016, Widianto Wiratmoko, Vice President of Strategy, Network, and Regulatory Affairs, PT Citilink Indonesia came to the IULI Campus, BSD City. With the theme: Introduction to Airline Industry in Indonesia, Mr. Wiratmoko shared his experiences and knowledge of this highly geared industry in Indonesia with IULI students.

He mentioned that the airline industry is an attractive industry, particularly in Indonesia. Despite the characteristic of the industry which is high capital and low margins, the interest in investing in the industry is quite high. The main reasons for this are because the cash flow is very high and the prospects over a long period of time is very good. However, increasing the competitiveness of Indonesian airlines requires a close synergy between the government as the regulator and the airlines.

With this current government, Mr. Wiratmoko sees positive changes related to the speed of infrastructure development to support the operation of the airline industry in Indonesia. On the other hand, there are several regulations made by the Dephub that need to be reviewed. Instead of regulating the pricing factor, the government should have been focused on the safety factor.

On this occasion, Mr. Wiratmoko in answer to one of the questions from a student explained that opportunities for graduates in the Aviation Engineering industry are still wide open. The general lecture was ended by the submission of a thank you plaque to Mr. Widianto Wiratmoko.

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