February 22, 2024

Get a (literal) Taste of IULI’s HTM Students

Changing the paradigm has always been one of Hotel and Tourism Management’s objectives. To find something common enough to be accepted by the mainstream, but yet with an amusing twist to make it stand out. IULI’s HTM thrives on adding value to whatever they do. For the 2017 Orientation Week, the students from HTM took matters into their own hand. Given the privilege of providing lunch for the whole week of orientation, HTM did not waste time of their semester break. Apron on, sleeves rolled, off to the kitchen they went!

With an army of diligent and enthusiastic students, this week will be a reflection of the things students have learned to master. From making seasoning from scratch, shopping for the ingredients, assembling all the flavors, students made everything from raw material and turned it into something magical. The first day was an exquisite Indonesian meal complete with starters and tongue-tickling sambal. The second day was no less of an excitement. The following day was another surprise served. One of the orientation student said, “It’s amazing how all this food is made by our friends from Hotel and Tourism management. It tastes natural and is just the right amount on an occasion like this.” Meals served were not a sole reflection of student’s hard work, but it proved that IULI really is our second home.

Natasha Rachel, a student from HTM 2015 shared her feelings regarding this challenge: “It was a hot, fierce and intense situation especially as it was our first time making this many servings! It did push my friends and me to the limit. This whole process was far beyond cooking. It involved preparing ingredients and preparing utensils, not to forget the cleaning afterwards. Above all, this event made the bonds deeper within the HTM family. I just hope next time more people will be involved.” Another HTM 2015 student shared her thoughts, Rahayu Setya stated, “Great learning experience. Active way to stimulate skills when supervised directly by Chef Temmy. I just wish next time more of my friends could join because this was done during the semester break, which was fine. But my most satisfying feeling would have to be the fact we came through all the hardships with whatever utensils are available. Making masterpiece with the most advanced tools is nothing new, but we started directly, with whatever we had and with whoever was available! So much fun”.

Will this only be the beginning of a Michelin Star rated creation? We’ll never know. But one thing for sure, more masterpieces by friends from Hotel and Tourism Management will be much awaited! (Rama-MGT 2015 & MiE).

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