December 1, 2023

Go Study Presentation

Presentation of Ms. QIN Ziyan from Go Study, China in front of IULI student for Internship Placement in China Company in Indonesia.

The internship last max 1 year open for Engineering and Business students at PT CCEPC (China City Environment Protection Engineering Limited Company).

PT. CCEPC is a high-tech type enterprise in environment protection field, which is engaged in the technical research, consultation, engineering, turnkey construction, complete equipment supply, project management, project operation, BT and BOT on the environment protection and resource regeneration and utilization projects as follows: solid waste treatment, sewage and sludge treatment, flue gas abatement, environment protection cogeneration, including enterprise self-contained cogeneration plant, resource recovery utilization power plant, fuel gas and steam combined cycle power generation and regional heat supply power station and pipe network, etc (WaG).

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