February 22, 2024

Greetings to New Members of IBA, MGT & HTM Students!

It has been two years since the initial batch of the Departments of Management (MGT), International Business Administration (IBA), and Hotel & Tourism Management (HTM) was first established in the International University Liaison Indonesia. On Monday, July 24, 2017, IULI hosted its 3rd Orientation Week for the 2017 Batch. The event was much anticipated by students and staff, as it symbolizes the addition of IULI Community members. Each faculty contentedly opened its arms in welcoming new students. Throughout the orientation week, Business Student from the 2015, Stephanie Sherryl, had the honor of becoming the Master of Ceremony, who was accompanied by Fariz Alexander from the Life Science Faculty.


One of the initial events was a Welcoming Ceremony to the orientation participants. As a representative of the Student Executive Board, Raditya Rama from Management 2015, welcomed the participants together with Mr. Wahjoe Goeritno as the Head of Orientation. To spice things up this year’s Orientation Week, friends from the Hotel and Tourism Management cooked and prepared lunch throughout the whole week. New students of batch 2017 were given the first taste of IULI, literally.


Ready to greet the new students in the Departments of IBA, MGT & HTM, no other than the business students themselves from the preceding Batch. To spark chemistry more towards the new batch, students of IBA, MGT & HTM decided to get to know each other better through a game. The game required each student to tell his/her name followed by a describing-word with the same initial and must be memorized by everyone. Drowned in euphoric ambiance, laughs were shared throughout the room as questions and answers were raised. To complete the Departments’ presentation even more, new batch students were asked to take on a pop-quiz to tell which Study Program Best Suits Their Personality. Regardless of the results, all questions were intended for entertainment purposes. To seal the day, each of the new students were given time to have a conversation personally with current students to broaden their mind and insights about Life in IULI. It has become a mutual understanding that life in university revolves more than the study program chosen.


Malinda Ramadani, from IBA 2016 shared her experience “It’s amazing how time flies. This time last year I participated as a new student. Now I’m becoming the mentor for new students. I would like to encourage new students to be active and give a reflection that IULI can be a very supportive environment”. Nabila Ghassani, from IBA 2016 also shared “I am glad to be part of the mentor. My favorite part would have to be the talent show! My team and I supported new students to give their all and to have fun regardless”. Musa Al-Kadzim from IBA 2016 also shared his thoughts “This orientation is more important than people think. It establishes bond and personal subjectivity towards IULI for the following years.”


Three students from the faculty took 3 awards as a result of voting from the new students. Malinda Ramadani took the title of The Most Quiet Mentor (Terdiam), Del Piero Hutama took the title The Mentor Who Sleeps The Most (Terlelap) and Raditya Rama took the title The Most Strict Mentor (Tertegas).


On the last day, two new students were chosen to accept the Ceremonial Symbol to represent the Faculty of Business and Social Science; Imam Jassim Muhammad & Natasha Eka received their ID’s and Alma Mater from Mr. Maralo Sinaga to formally welcome them as part of the New Batch. May this start of Academic Semester be better so far, and of course a warm welcome to new students! (Rama-MGT 2015, SaP & MiE)

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