November 30, 2023

Guest Lecture: Pilot Job Market

23 August 2018- IULI had the pleasure of facilitating a guest lecture about the job market for pilots in Indonesia held by Flybest. The topic is currently a very important issue as the airline industry keeps expanding and the requirements for pilots have become more demanding. Other countries already require bachelor’s degrees; however, in Indonesia  flying school graduation has so far been regarded as sufficient.

The guest lecture was presented by Captain Dharmadi, who shared the story of his career as a pilot as well as acquiring a bachelor’s and a master’s degree that got him the CEO position at Air Asia Indonesia.

It was also mentioned that the collaboration between IULI and Flybest is considered an integrated program that combines the bachelor’s degree in aviation engineering with the pilot licensing at PPL, CPL, ME and IR levels.

This program is very beneficial and time and cost efficient for the students. Once they have graduated they will have a higher competency compared to regular flying school graduates. Other than that they will also have alternative opportunities and possibilities for their careers in case they can no longer work as pilots or the job market has become too competitive.





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