December 1, 2023

Special Class “Health Benefits of Fermented Foods”

Special Class “Health Benefits of Fermented Foods” By Mr. Hendry Noer Fadlillah (Lecturer of Food Technology IULI)

People all across the world, including Indonesia, have long been aware of the benefits of fermented foods. Fermented food contains microorganisms in the form of bacteria, molds, or yeasts during the processing process. Tempeh, cheese, bread, yogurt, and soy sauce are just a few examples of fermented foods.

Fermentation technology is frequently preferred in food processing since it offers a number of benefits. The fermentation process can extend the shelf life of food while also improving its sensory quality. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are a type of bacterium that is frequently found in the fermentation of foods. The enzyme activity of LAB can produce a variety of bioactive substances that are beneficial to one’s health. LAB’s proteolytic activity, for example, can break down proteins into peptides. LAB’s peptides have the potential to be antioxidants, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic, and offer a variety of other health effects. LAB can also boost the bioavailability of a variety of bioactive ingredients. By converting isoflavone glucoside to aglycone form, LAB fermentation in soybean products can improve isoflavone digestibility.

Probiotics are LAB that can live and pass through the human digestive tract while also playing an important part in keeping a healthy body. The presence of probiotics in the body is critical for maintaining gut microbiota balance.

Indonesian fermented culinary products, such as tempeh and curd, are unique and unusual. The benefits of these two products have been studied in a number of scientific investigations. As a result, tempeh and curd contain a variety of bioactive components that are critical for maintaining human health.

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