February 22, 2024

Hotel and Tourism Management students gear up for Orientation Week

24 July 2018- today, the IULI guesthouse kitchen is filled with dedication, hard work, lots of fun and laughter.  Yesterday and today the students had the opportunity to show off their cooking skills for the orientation week, an event that we look forward to every year. With the guidance of Mr. Timotius Agus Rachmat, IULI’s very own international chef, who is also the head of the Hotel and Tourism Management study program, the students successfully fill the bellies of the new students, staff and lecturers. The meals were served at lunchtime and have left the new students feeling full and happy as they indulged in the delicious Indonesian cuisine that is displayed in form of a buffet at IULI Campus 1, The Breeze. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do what our students do and for these junior chef students this is the moment when they start to express the passion that they have inside of them for this industry.


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