February 26, 2024

Hotel and Tourism Management’s Gala Dinner 2019

The Hotel and Tourism Gala Dinner has become an annual event since the first batch of students enrolled in IULI. It has become a tradition for HTM students in their 5th Semester to organize this event and present it to their parents as a sign of gratitude and also to show them what they have learned in the first two years at university. This year on 23 November 2019, IULI welcomed a special guest Mrs. Sisca Soewitomo, the Indonesian Culinary Expert, who gave a nice speech at the end to congratulate the students and wish them all the best.

The new head of Hotel and Tourism Management Study Program, Mr. Aditya Putra Nova, has successfully guided his students to do their best for their final project. The Dean of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Dr. Samuel Prasetya and the faculty members Dr. Satiri, Ms. Astrid Wiriadidjaja, and Mr.Tommy Saroso, were also on the attendance list.
“This event is very special to us, because we have created our own concept and did our own fundraising activities. The concept was discussed in the beginning of the 5th Semester to determine the roles of each student, the theme and the budgeting for decorations and renting of equipment,” explained Putri Aida (HTM 2016), who acted as the head of the gala dinner event.
The gala dinner is a final project that combines everything the students have learned, including food and beverage production, service and pastry.

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