February 22, 2024

HTM Students & IBA/MGT Students: Where Cooking Workshop Meets Brand Management

Recently, IULI HTM students from batches 2015 took the opportunity to cook and taste Indonesian traditional dishes after their  excursions into international cooking. They prepared soto betawi, nasi gurih, ayam kalasan, asinan Jakarta, urap & sambel bajak. The general consensus was that, while international dishes are excellent, nothing beats the national dishes of Indonesia. The cooking was followed by training in one of the arts of cuisine-plating up. When the dishes were prepared and ready,  HTM lecturer, Temmy Rachmat, MM (Hos) and Aditya N. Putra, SE, BA said, ‘it still needs something else.’ The students asked, ‘what?’ Temmy and Aditya  replied, ‘it needs eating!’

IULI IBA & MGT batch 2015 students were also in the premises to brainstorm about merchandising projects under the supervision of Mr. Norman Yachya, MBA, Ms. Mega Saffira, MA & Dr. Samuel Prasetya. Upon completion, they also acted as food tasters for the delicious Indonesian traditional dishes cooked by IULI HTM students. In the past, food tasters had a short but happy life as they were required to taste the food of kings and emperors who feared (with good reason) being poisoned. Happily, IULI students not only got to taste delicious food but got fed for free! Many of the students said that somehow free food tastes better! (SaP/MiE).

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