February 22, 2024

Innovation and Product Development Competition 2018

14 December 2018 – As part of the requirement of the Innovation and Product Development Course, our students had to present self-made products that are innovative and useful for our everyday life. The presentations were held in form of a competition at IULI Campus 2, The Breeze, BSD.


In this competition there were six aspects assessed, such as: creativities, product, marketing tools, prototype, knowledge about product development, and business mindset. The judges were lecturers and deans from our faculties, such as engineering, life sciences and Business and Social Sciences.

Eight groups presented their products to the judges and there were only three winners to be announced. The 3rd winner was the Aviation Engineering group who presented a “power-bank” that is fueled by the energy of the rotation of a bicycle, the 2nd winner was the Hotel and Tourism Management group who created a hot spice in sheets and the 1st winner was the International Relations group who created an impressive board game. We hope that through events like these, our students will be inspired to be successful in today’s competitive business world and create innovative and life-changing products for the world!


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