February 22, 2024

IULI Aerodynamics Research Camp

While flying in an aircraft, sitting on the window-side seat and looking at the wing, you might be wondering how this aircraft is able to fly? How does the wing lift the aircraft in the air? Short answer, it is due to Aerodynamic forces.  Your next question could be, what are Aerodynamic forces?


Aerodynamic forces are generated and act on an aircraft as it flies through the air. The magnitude and direction of aerodynamics forces depend on the shape, size, angle of attack, the velocity of aircraft and some properties of the air through which it flies. These forces are the main reason why aircraft can fly.


But how aerodynamics forces are generated? how can we measure the forces? Answering these two questions are fundamental in designing aircraft especially in designing the wing, high-lift devices, and control surfaces (rudder, elevator, and aileron).


Obviously, the aerodynamics forces generation is complex but also very interesting. If you have strong curiosity on how aviation technology    actually, works and how we use math and physics in designing and building aerospace technology, with the right opportunity, the basic knowledge on this matter is also accessible for high schoolers.


Aerodynamics Research Camp by IULI is a unique opportunity for any high school students (Grade 11 and 12) to have a glimpse on technology that enable a vehicle to fly. In the research camp you will be given both theoretical and experimental knowledge on the following topics:


  1. What is an aircraft (flying vehicle)?
  2. Why there is lift force?
  3. How to measure Aerodynamics forces?
  4. Introduction to research analysis and reporting
  5. Group presentation
  6. Introduction to Aviation Engineering and Future Careers in

Aviation Industry


The research camp is planned to be conducted in 17 – 19 December, 2018 at IULI Campus, Green Office Park 6 (GOP 6), Breeze, BSD City, Tangerang Selatan. Certificate of participation will be given and for the best students prizes are also will be awarded


Since only limited seat are available, if you are interested, register

yourself right away at https://goo.gl/Gd23Jx. The registration fee is

200,000 IDR and the first 10 entrants will receive 50% discount.


If you have any further question, send your inquiry to





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