June 21, 2024

IULI is The International University, which has good Aviation Study Programs in Indonesia – Education Expo at SMKN 29 Jakarta

Jakarta, June 9th, 2023 – The International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI) embarked on an expedition to SMK Negeri 29 in Jakarta, aiming to introduce students to the opportunities and benefits offered by the university. Over the course of two days, IULI representatives engaged with students, sharing valuable information about scholarships, exchange programs, and the student employee program.

SMKN 29 is a high school specializing in Aviation, in connection with this, IULI University as one of the International Universities in Indonesia which has an Aviation Engineering and Aviation Management study program, this is a bridge to be able to achieve the dreams in Aviation Industries by completing the Bachelor of Aviation program in IULI.

During the expedition, IULI highlighted its student employee program designed for students who aspire to work immediately after graduating from high school. To support these ambitious individuals, IULI offers night classes, allowing them to work during the day and attend classes from 8pm to 10pm online.

The expedition commenced on the morning of June 9th with Ms. Diah Danuri, a representative from IULI, leading an invigorating morning exercise session to energize the students and create a positive atmosphere. Ms. Diah seized the opportunity to emphasize the advantages of enrolling at IULI, setting the tone for the day filled with exploration.

A major attraction at IULI’s booth was the enticing scholarship opportunity exclusively available to students who visited the booth on the following day of the expedition. With a commitment to providing financial assistance and support, IULI aimed to make quality education more accessible for aspiring students. IULI’s Booth guided by IULI Students Syaidina Ali, Sinta Yasmin, Cylysce and Ahmad Lukman from Mechatronic Engineering (MTE), Enril Nabil from International Business Administration (IBA), and International student from Saudi Arabia Talal Mohammed bin Snkar from Aviation Engineering (AVE).

Throughout the expedition, numerous students were captivated by the range of deals and opportunities presented at IULI’s booth. Despite the presence of seven other universities and five different job opportunity booths, students were drawn to IULI’s offerings, recognizing the university’s commitment to academic excellence and career prospects. (Cyl/Afw)

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