June 21, 2024

International University Liaison Indonesia Joins The Indonesia Universities Climate Conference

On March 29th, International University Liaison Indonesia participated in the Indonesia Universities Climate Conference held by Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) and the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office. Led by head delegate Ms. Lely Rahmawaty, S.TP., M.P.,—one of our very own Life Sciences Lecturer —IULI spearheaded a discussion in Climate Funding, placing a strong emphasis on starting real cooperative action by the academic community, governments, NGOs, and corporates to tackle the issue of Climate Change.

Representatives of IULI included the Rector of IULI, Tutun Nugraha, Ph.D., the Dean Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Mr. Ida Bagus Putu Aditya, ST., MM., Life Sciences Lecturer, Patmah Fatoni, S.Si., M.Si., and two students, Putri Permana Rahmawati and Samantha Deo Christian from Mechatronics Engineering 2020 and International Relations 2019, respectively. IULI also sent a team of 7 volunteers to assist during the event, they are Arielle Kallinda, Elma Tiarasari, Ressy Narita, Risqi Sofy Dwi Cahyani, Lakshmi Dewi Harischandra from International Relations 2019, Chiara Samandari Farahangiz from International Relations 2020, and Akbar Lazuardy Ihsan from Aviation Engineering 2019.

This is not IULI’s first or only time contributing to the international community. In the past, IULI also regularly attended dialogues and talks held by FPCI, with topics ranging from current political crises to peace advocation. As an inspiring and aspiring academic community, IULI is committed to continue to be a frontrunner in advocacy among universities across Indonesia.

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