November 30, 2023

IULI Lecturer, Arista Atmadjati, SE., MM. : Indonesia’s Aviation Business in 2020

On the 31 December 2019 in an Interview with, IULI’s Aviation Management lecturer, Mr. Arista Atmadjati ,SE., MM. comments about the development of the Aviation Business in Indonesia for 2020.
According to Arista, who is also an expert in the aviation business, there is hope for change in 2020, as long as airline companies can make use of the huge potential of the aviation sector in Indonesia. In addition, he also states that the aviation business also has a huge influence on other businesses. For instance, the hospitality, tourism and logistics business between islands. More and more aircrafts are also seen on the runways and Arista believes the landscape of the aviation business is starting to emerge. “So, the potential of air passengers is indeed rapidly growing in the future,” Says Arista.

Arista Atmadjati is also the founder of Cargo Indonesia Magazine, and hold several strategic positions as an Enterprise Risk Services Consultant at Garuda Indonesia, Director of Arista Indonesia Aviation Center and Marketing Analyst at PT. Garuda Indonesia Airline.

Please click the link below for the full interview :

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