November 30, 2023

IULI student named top nominee for Duta Muda ASEAN Indonesia

31 August 2017 – “Duta Muda ASEAN Indonesia” is an Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ initiative to spread awareness of the ASEAN Vision 2025 to Indonesian youth, by Indonesian youth. The duta-duta muda (youth ambassadors) are selected through a tough competition that involves hundreds of Indonesia’s bright, young minds.

This year’s competition—the first after a long hiatus—culminated in the evening of August 29. Out of about 700 youths from all corners of the archipelago, IULI’s very own Jessica Natalie (International Relations class of 2015) made it to the top six: 3 pairs of the most promising female and male candidates.

Prior to the announcement, Jessica had also been declared as Duta Muda ASEAN for the province of Banten. Being in the top three pairs, clearly Jessica had impressed the distinguished jury. Unfortunately she must concede the national ambassadorship to fellow competitor Ms. Scholastica Asyana—another bright Indonesian who is studying law at L’Université Lille – Droit et Santé, France.

Jessica’s progress in the competition is rather exceptional considering the fact that barely two years ago IULI did not even exist. Jessica is one among many talented students whom one can find in this young university. Her achievement reflects the philosophy of the IULI Rector, Dr. Tutuko Prajogo:

A good educator is not the one who excels only in one’s field of study, but also the one who is able to provide room for talents to grow exponentially into meaningful experiences.

Apparently, as IULI continues to grow, so too will the room for passionate, hardworking students. (SaK/MiE)

Transl.: “Live from Balai Sarbini, we present the Grand Final of ‘Duta Muda ASEAN Indonesia 2017’. Ladies and Gentlemen, your hosts for tonight: David Rizal and Skolastika Sylvia.”

Transl.: “Diversity becomes difference only when we make it such. Diversity in height, diversity in skin color, diversity of religion, only becomes differences when we say that they are different from each other. With the varied cultures and ethnicity that Indonesia possesses she can get stronger—because of the multitude of inspirations that she can turn into advantages.”

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