July 17, 2024

IULI Students are ready to start their Master Program at NFU, Taiwan

A few weeks ago, 8 IULI students have departed to Taiwan to pursue their Master Degree at National Formosa University (NFU). We are happy to announce that our students, that are taking the NFU2+3 Master Program, have safely arrived at their respective apartments and dormitories after following strict health protocols including their over 2 weeks quarantine period. Despite some of the challenges faced during this pandemic, IULI has ensured that the students’ safety and well-being during the whole quarantine process was well looked after. Our students handled the situation very well as they were very cooperative and patient while being physically isolated in a hotel room on their own for over two weeks. Now they are finally ready to begin their studies at NFU.

We at IULI, genuinely wish them all best as they strive for excellence in building the foundation of their bright future.

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