February 22, 2024

IULI Students Go To Germany

To complete their double degree program, 65 students of the 2015 batch have gone to Germany to do their research and internship. This double degree program is a collaboration between IULI and TU Ilmenau as the coordinator of the European University Consortium-IULI that consists of 15 universities in Europe. Yesterday, 24 July 2018, the students boarded their flight to pursue their goals and start their journey to become mature, knowledgeable, independent professionals and will hopefully become the future leaders and innovators of our nation.

The ”farewell” at the airport was a very heartwarming and touching moment as all parents were very excited and at the same time quite anxious about letting their sons and daughters depart to a foreign country for 10 months.

Our rector, Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo was present along with vice rector Dipl.-Ing. Ketut Tejawibawa to say goodbye and safe journey to the students. Students from younger batches also came to support and cheer on their departing friends.

The 65 students have previously passed the OFSE (Oral Final Study Examination), which was held by IULI in collaboration with examiners from the European Univeristy Consortium-IULI and International industries in Indonesia and was supported by the DAAD and Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany and now the students are ready for their next challenge in Germany.

We wish them all the best and hope they have the best experience in Germany and strive for excellence and success.


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