July 17, 2024

IULI’s IBA, MGT & HTM Departments Welcome Students from HSKS

Students of Home Schooling Kak Seto (HSKS) visited IULI on Friday, March 31, 2017. As a part of this visit, students of IBA & MGT (batch 2015 & 2016) organized games to introduce the  programs of study. The interactive games were organized in relation to the class project in Capita Selecta in Business & Management. Under the intensive monitoring & tutorial sessions of Ir. Invanos Tertiana, MBA (Project Management), Mr. Temmy Rachmat, MM (Hos) (Team/Group Management), Dr (cand) Wulan, MBA (Marketing Management), Ms. Trisia Megawati, MSi (Communication Management), Dr. Satiri (Budgeting) & Dr. Samuel Prasetya (Performance Management & Control Systems), team Hore with their Out of Maze Games scheme volunteered to pre-run the concept.

Though acting as mentors, students of IBA & MGT (batch 2015) were also involved in the games to increase the excitement and fun. Students of HSKS happily participated in animated cross-word puzzles, 3-D puzzles, image recognition, matching IULI’s majors and degrees & guessing someone’s name. The variety and stimulation made the afternoon pass quickly and in an exciting fashion.

Highest appreciation must be given to team Hore: Wendy (IBA), Gyda (IBA), Alifya (IBA), Claudya (IBA), Deby (IBA), Tisa (MGT) & Andreas (MGT), who had the role of coordinators. Thumbs up also for the IBA, MGT & HTM (batch 2015) who were involved in the games! (SaP/MiE).

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