February 25, 2024

Special Class “Managing Business Sustainably”

Special Class “Managing Business Sustainably” by Ms. Irma Nawangwulan, B.Sc, MBA, CPM (Asia) (Lecturer of Hotel & Tourism Management IULI)

When we’re sharing a dinner with friends and family, we often hear the phrase “save the best for last.” However, the sentence also pertains to running a business, as well as how to run and sustain a business. However, a business must begin with an idea or concept, an “out of the box” concept that results in a business that can endure in any situation.

Finding an “out of the box” idea does not happen overnight; it requires a process of “brainstorming”. This is one of the learning concepts in IULI’s Hotel & Tourism Management study program, where students are encouraged to engage in a discussion in order to generate new business ideas.

Aside from these new concepts, there are a few key questions that must be answered before starting a business: Why do customers purchase my goods in the first place? What brands stand out and pique the interest of potential customers? What raw materials are required for the production of a product, and where can these raw materials be acquired?

Once we’ve answered the three questions, the next stage is to locate a business idea that we like. To do so, you’ll need to focus on your skills, experience, and interests, test your business idea, and evaluate it.

Join IULI’s Hotel & Tourist Management study program if you’re interested in learning how to manage a business, particularly in the tourism and hospitality industry. In partnership with Harz University in Germany, you can acquire a double degree in four years.

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