December 1, 2023

Meita Rizky Nurmala (BME 2017) Makes it to the Final of Abang None Jakara Selatan 2019 Pageant

IULI is proud to announce that our student Meita Rizky Nurmala (Lala) from the Biomedical Engineering study program batch 2017 has made it to the final of the Abang None (Abnon) Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta) 2019 selection Pageant.

The Abang None Jakarta Pageant itself is a talent search contest to crown the ambassadors of tourism in DKI Jakarta. The pageant was established in 1968 and has been successfully held until today. This event has the purpose of promoting tourism and culture of the province DKI Jakarta. The winner of this contest will accompany the governor or the vice governor of DKI Jakarta in cultural events.

Our Student Affairs Counselor, Samantha Born (SB), had the chance to have a little chat with the finalist, Lala, and here is what she had to say:

SB:  Can you tell us a little bit about your journey in becoming a finalist in the Abang None Jakarta Selatan pageant?

Lala: At first, I asked a senior about joining Abnon Jakarta Selatan. He then told me to register for abnon Kepulauan Seribu instead because Abnon Jakarta Selatan has very high standards, and it is very hard to be accepted as their finalist. On the first day of registration, I felt insecure after seeing the other contestants, that already had made me pessimistic about my acceptance in the event. Apparently, I luckily made it as a semi-finalist, then continued to the finals.

SB: How would you describe your experience during your time in the pageant?

Lala: I felt very happy as the competitors were very beautiful, educated, and were taller than me.

SB: What have your learned from this amazing experience?

Lala: I learned to manage my time, push my limits, to be more mature, and always be the best version of myself. I have gained so much knowledge after joining Abnon, I learned about modelling, dancing, public speaking, and I will never stop being grateful for that. The training for Abnon was very exhausting because as I always came home at around 2 or 3 AM while having a lot of deadlines to chase. I didn’t mind having sleep deprivation because it was the risk that I havd to take. And it was totally worth it.

SB: What advice would you give to potential contestants of the Abang None Pageant?

Lala: Just be the best version yourself and educate yourself with as much knowledge as possible such as about Jakarta‘s government, culture and tourism.

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