July 17, 2024

Ibu Hj. Lista Hurustiati, SH., MH Opening Sanggar Batik Adikara at Rumah Budaya Jurang Bambu-Permata Pamulang Together with IULI University Lecturers and Student

Sanggar Batik Adikara held another opening at Rumah Budaya Jurang Bambu-Permata Pamulang on Sunday, July 23 2023, after some time ago opening the Adikara Batik Corner at IULI University – Associate Tower Intermark BSD, it was there that the forerunner of Adikara Batik was formed, together with the IULI”s students, local and international who loved batik and supported by Ibu Farah as leader of Sanggar Batik Kembang Mayang.

At the opening of Sanggar Batik Adikara at Rumah Budaya Jurang Bambu, it was inaugurated by Mrs. Hj. Lista Hurustiati, SH., MH, as the head of Tangsel CSR facilitation who is also the UMKM community observer, with the hope that Sanggar Batik Adikara will always be successful and can be an inspiration and benefit for children and the younger generation to be able to love batik.

The event began with an introduction to batik as well as how to make written batik to the children and the community who attended that morning by the founder of Batik Adikara RA. Afera Ratna Wijayanti, SE., M.Ak who is also a lecturer and Chair of the IULI University Senate. The event was even livelier with the welcoming remarks of Kakak Adel, that’s how we called her, a woman who has often been an encouragement for the people of Tagerang Selatan in their work, that we all must continue to be enthusiastic and love batik from the smallest things, the children who were present became happy with yells what he taught.

The next session was learning batik, all participants together with Ibu Hj. Lista Hurustiati, SH,.MH (The Tangsel Mayor’s wife – Bapak Benyamin Davnie) gathered and sat around the stoves filled with wax on cushions that had been prepared at several points in the Jurang Bambu garden designed by Mr. Aries Susanto, where the garden looked beautiful with trees and plants and flowers, as well as the cool air that makes the enthusiasm to start learning to canting, which is then followed by coloring, color fixation, melting or boiling, then drying and the work is finished. At the Break time all the attendance enjoy the lunch from PAS Fried Chicken owned by ibu Siti Nurfitriana, S.TP., M.A.B and also lecturer at IULI University, which their team present the cooking Demo. All those who attended were happy in this event, and really hoped that Sanggar Batik Adikara would continue to held batik training, which was also in line with the thought of local community leaders who are attended and usually called Tante Evy and Bang Ucok. (Afw)

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