February 22, 2024

Project Open House: Collective Effort of Business, Hotel/Tourism & Management Students

IULI holds frequent open houses which showcase the campus and student academic and extra-curricular activities.  For the most recent open house held on 20 May, 2017, the study programs, International Business Administration (IBA), Management (MGT) and Hotel & Tourism Management (HTM) decided to approach the event differently. Their open house project was prepared in the Capita Selecta in Business & Management & Seminar in Marketing classes; a mixture of product & innovation development, with a deep blend of philosophy. Every single student was allocated roles and responsibilities for the open house.

Running since the mid-term break, the Capita Selecta in Business & Management & Seminar in Marketing classes involved the three study programs mentioned above. Students were assigned to various groups to be responsible for smaller tasks that eventually were combined into the bigger open house project. Roles were extremely diverse; some students arranging layouts while others were masterminding games! The aim was to attract visitors during the open house through an interesting presentation.

My mates and I decided to take a role in masterminding games! We believe games were important for the event to give a warm welcome to guests. First impressions last!” said Paula Wendy Suhady, an IBA student, who was also the coordinator of the games. “Games are just as important as faculty presentations. They break the ice and give the chance for us to develop a deeper intimacy with potential students,” added Ignatius Andreas, an MGT student, and also a coordinator of the games.

Nikita Gozali, from HTM also shared her stories about this open house project collaboration: “An open house is usually very predictable with a study program presentation delivered by one person. This time there were representatives from each study program, including myself. I got the chance to share the spotlight with friends from Business & Management in explaining our study programs. It was a great experience”.

The excitement did not stop there. Students from HTM took matters literally into their own hands for the event. Numerous students decided to showcase their craftsmanship for the event. “We were privileged to be able to share our skills in front of the guests. This gives proof that what is taught in IULI matters. The jajanan pasar was so much more interesting thanks to our plating skills,” said Farras Aga,  a student of HTM.

Another insight given by student was from Gyda Tertia, one of the students in charge of the whole event from IBA. She said, “of course during the process there were ups and downs, which is normal. We pulled through, and we still need to improve in quite a few ways. However, the learning process could not be duplicated elsewhere, not to mention that the three study programs were together in one project, which created a greater bond. We did it all from scratch; all that was displayed was created purely by students. In the end, the event matters but the process is what counts the most”.

The project was delivered with great skill and enthusiasm by students. This will not be the last masterclass to be delivered by International Business Administration, Management and Hotel & Tourism Management students! (Rama-MGT 2015, SaP & MiE)

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