November 30, 2023

ProjectMGT x FIFA – Go Real or Go Home!

The university has not run out of finding ways of stretching the minds and imagination of students! For this academic semester, the 6th Semesters Management & International Business Administration were faced with another real-life educational challenge in the Project Management class. True to the class’ title, students were required to realistically manage a whole-semester project with the leniency of choosing a project based on their interests.

Students decided to hold a for-profit event competition based on one of the most demanded and lucrative gaming franchises; FIFA. Although the aim was bluntly to make profit, delivering the project was a tough row to hoe.

Multiple processes and countless meetings took place over three months. Each student was assigned to different responsibilities in order for the project to run smoothly and effectively. Other than designing concepts and technicalities for project feasibilities, students also dealt with official funders to support this project. Fortunately, persistence did pay off as the students succeeded in acquiring sponsorships.

The event took place in a newly-opened cafe called Board’s N Bite’s, which was also one of the official sponsors for this event. Another sponsor was Panin Bank, which agreed to provide funds but in return students had to get new customers for the bank. The Project ran smoothly as all players had fun regardless of competing with each other.

Tisa Sartika from Management said, “I was overwhelmed by the work, though I volunteered as the Project Leader. Eventually everything fell into place although I was extremely nervous about the fact I had to juggle all the project with OFSE preparation, final exams & departure to Germany. It was tough but we came through.” Rezza Asriansyah from Management  stated, “Fun and challenging is an understatement. This work will be one the highlights of my college life and I am personally a big FIFA fan. This kind of work is far more effective than text books. IULI has done a fantastic job in facilitating active learning.”

As for the profit, how much did the students make out of this competition? The information was not disclosed. Whatever they made, the Faculty of Business & Social Sciences has once again proved its ability to bridge the gap between theory and the real world of business. Way to go, guys!

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