August 9, 2022

Returning to Class Room Off-Line Learning (PTM), Post Covid19 Pandemic

Dear IULI Students,

As the Covid19 pandemic is beginning to subside, and the authorities have begun to lower the level of public movement limitation regulation (PPKM) to level-2, we are now ready to prepare to return to off-line learning process in the class rooms (PTM, Pembelajaran tatap muka).

As per our discussion with representative of BEM (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa) we have agreed to postpone the starting point of physical class room by Monday 30th May 2022. The University is also planning to do final exam and OFSE exam in physical classroom. Upon returning to off-Line class learning process (PTM), all lecture activities regularities and class attendance system will be running again as in the past.

The only classes that will continue to be done online are classes with large number of students in it ie. Pancasila, Civics, Indonesian Language and Cultures. The Complete list of these on-line classes will be sent later from the Academic Services.

Should there be any changes in the PPKM/Lockdown level status that we need to pay attention to post holiday season, the decision will be adjusted accordingly (currently at PPKM-2). All pandemic related health Protocols will observed strictly by everyone.

Should you have further concerns regarding relocation to BSD City, Banten, Indonesia, please notify Head of study programs or the Dean of the relevant faculty, to ensure safe and smooth transition for all.
We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

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