December 1, 2023

Signing of IULI and AIAC Aviation School Cooperation

Source: Editor-Edupos, South Tangerang City

SERPONG – International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI) and Arista Indonesian Aviation Center (AIAC) have just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding their cooperation in developing and training in the aviation industry.

The signing of the MoU, which will be the basis for the collaboration, took place at the Associate Tower, Intermark, Serpong, South Tangerang, Friday (25/3/2022).

The Rector of International University Liaison Indonesia, Dr. Tutun Nugraha, explained that this collaboration would combine the world of academia or education with the field of skills training.

“From the Ministry, it is clear that it is not enough for a bachelor’s degree student to hold a diploma. This is what the Ministry is now emphasizing. The student also has to hold a certificate of expertise,” explained Dr. Tutun Nugraha, after signing the MoU.

Dr. Tutun Nugraha believes that this collaboration will produce superior human resources (HR), especially, in this case, in the aviation sector in Indonesia.

“Universities tend to provide basic knowledge, but preparation for entering industry requires further training,” said Dr. Tutun Nugraha.

Thus, the combination of basic knowledge in lectures and skills training is believed to be able to produce superior generations who are ready to compete on the national and international levels.

“They will be better prepared to work in and to compete in the job market. Moreover, we are an international university, so our graduates are ready to compete worldwide,” Dr. Tutun Nugraha added.

Arista Atmadjati, from the Arista Indonesian Aviation Center (AIAC), explained that this collaboration will run for the long term. He said “This flagship program, is not limited to students. It is also open to the general public.”

“In the long term, we also plan to open training programs for corporates; for example, for workers who want to upgrade their certification”, Arista added. In addition, the form of training that will be provided in this collaboration has various categories. “It’s not just the world of aviation. There is personal branding, customer service, excellent service, and hospitality. So, it’s not just for students from flight schools, but also from the general public”, he stated.

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