June 21, 2024

Socialization of FOO and BAM License Training Programs from MTC to AVE Students

In the aviation industry, the Flight Operation Officer (FOO) and the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer are required to have a license in order to work in daily operations. The Aviation Engineering department of IULI, in co-operation with the Merpati Training Center (MTC), offers students the opportunity to join a training program during their study in IULI. MTC is a subsidiary of PT Merpati Airlines that provides a wide range of aviation training programs, such as Pilot, Flight Crew, FOO and Basic Aircraft Maintenance (BAM). Its headquarters are located in Surabaya and there are training centres in Jakarta and Medan.
The socialisation event was attended by Mr. Riswanto C. Putra (Komisaris Utama), Mr. Tri Cahyono (Manager of BAM Course), and Ms. Hermawati (Manager of Marketing and Business Development). Mr. Tri explained the BAM licence training, which includes A1 (airframe) and A4 (turbine engine) certificates. Since many of the theoretical modules of BAM training are similar to lectures in IULI Aviation Engineering, the students who enroll on the training program will be matriculated with almost one third of the training hours exempted. Thus, the training duration will be shorter and the cost will be reduced significantly.
While the BAM training will be held in Surabaya, the FOO training is available in Jakarta. The training consists of ground theory, simulation training and on the job training for around 6 months. The FOO Licence will include type rating for Boeing 737 classic and NG.
Both of the training programs will be considered as internships and counted in the student transcript. The IULI graduates who hold professional licenses will have advantages in the competition to enter the job market and in the development of their career in airlines, airports or MRO companies.

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