November 30, 2023

SRH Fernhochschule Riedlingen Onboarding Online Session: Introductory Courses for Applicants of MBA 4.0 Program in Collaboration with IULI

In the light of IULI’s MBA 4.0 collaboration with SRH Fernhochschule Riedlingen, on the 2nd and 3rd July 2021, a special online introductory program was held by SRH Fernhochsule Riedlingen and representatives from IULI to introduce the campus, course module and syllabus and also short lectures on the introduction of the fundamentals empirical research and academic writing and using Literature. The two-day program was filled with complete information to equip future applicants with the knowledge they need before they decide to enroll.

Other than that, SRH also established cooperation with CINEC Campus, Sri Lanka. This onboarding event was attended by MBA applicants from different countries including Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Malaysia dan Indonesia.

On the first day, Prof.Dr. Stefan Müller, Industrial Engineering and Digitalization, SRH Fernhochschule introduced colleagues from SRH Fernhochschule and also representatives from CINEC, Captain Peshala Medagama, Vice President, International Cooperation, CINEC Campus who also introduced students from CINEC.

 Dr-Ing Sven Rost, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Marketing & Sale, IULI who introduced representatives from IULI, gave an opening speech, where he talked about quality and service serving as two things that are valuable and recognized by IULI in developing cooperation and SRH has these qualities.

Applicants were introduced to SRH Fernhochschule in general and they also got to learn about the three success factors for a successful graduation, which are 80% Online Study, 24/7 personal communication and 20% Deepen Knowledge. Other than that, applicants were also introduced to the MBA program contents, structure and examinations by Eva Schlumberger, Head of Student Service at SRH Fernhochschule. In addition, applicants were also given information regarding the E-Campus tools and tips on how to best use the provided online facilities. This was presented by Christian Beditsch, Head of International Affairs of SRH Fernhochschule. Applicants are also offered to take an Online German language course, presented by Jessica Kruse from the International Office of SRH Fernhochschule. The last presentation of the day was: “How to study online: best practices” and also a presentation regarding a job recruitment platform where students will receive advice (e.g. CV, job interview, career etc), information regarding internships and entry-level jobs in Germany and Europe and also direct contact to companies, which was held by Prof. Dr. StefanMüller.

On the second day participants were introduced to the Fundamentals of Empirical Research and Academic Writing and Using Literature by Prof. Dr. Anja Tausch.

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