July 17, 2024

STAN English competition 2018

More success for IULI students in English competitions!

IULI entered 4 students for the first STAN English competition, two in debate, one in Speech and one in Story Telling. The event was well organized, creating a family atmosphere for all.

Joy (INR3) (already a national champion at the UI paper presentation) entered the speech competition. She reached the final and finished as second runner-up against intense competition. Her speech was intelligent and logical, impressing all who watched.

Sahil (MEE5) and Kareem (LS5) reached the quarter finals of Debate having survived the first two rounds. This is a new team and they will benefit from the experience.

Youvita (INE3) entered a competition for the first time and, against intense competition, won!! Her warm personality and the ability to think fast on her feet were her key qualities. To win first time out is a fantastic achievement as there are many experienced competitors out there and the standard is now very high.

Ass a new university we are relatively unknown but other competitors are now describing IULI competitors as scarily good!

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