July 17, 2024

What Does It Take to Make the Proper Restaurant Design?

From the field of study on marketing, consumer behavior is regarded as an important tool for an organization; it can help an organization develop their products or brands in a right path (Setiawan, 2011; Schiffman & Kanuk, 2009). It also helps an organization keep their customer satisfied by knowing more their needs and wants (Lantos, 2011). In particular, consumer characteristics, which mainly encompasses around culture, social and personal, may play an integral role in influencing the restaurant designs. From the notion on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), it is regarded to have influenced psychology and supervision in organizations. Such sets of behaviors are essential to assist organizations sustainability (Mohammad, Habib, & Alias, 2011), and assisting managers in evaluating the working environment, motivation, and satisfaction of employees (Davoudi, 2012). The presence of good citizens in organizations may likely push toward a higher level of organizational effectiveness and widening the chances on growth when employees go beyond the specified tasks and responsibilities. The combination of these variables may push for the properness of restaurant design. With the increasing demands, restaurants are challenged with increasing level of competition. Restaurant design may well be considered as one of the drivers in luring for a higher customer loyalty.

Based on a geographically-clustered sampling method, this study focuses on individuals, who have eaten in a casual dining restaurant, at least once. It is interesting to examine the influential degrees of the variables and indicators used in this study in restaurants. Findings show that variables and indicators used have proven to have the influential contributions to the level of customer loyalty.

Keywords: consumer behavior, OCB, restaurant design, loyalty

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