February 22, 2024
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The Executive Office of the President at IULI

BSD City – On Friday, 27 July 2018, IULI welcomes members of Kantor Staf Presiden Republik Indonesia (Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia) to campus. They visit IULI to participate in IULI Orientation Week 2018—a series of programs designed to enrich the youngest members of IULI student body.

Mr. Agustinus Eko Rahardjo and Mr. Alois Wisnuwardhana, both are from the Office’s Deputyship IV, deliver to the new students an enlightening talk on digital hoaxes: how to recognize and how to deal with. Based on real-life examples, the talk draws the interest of students as well as parents who later took the opportunity to ask the speakers a number of relevant questions.

Not only does the topic fit with challenges currently present in the Indonesian cybersphere, it also suits the young Iuliants well. The Indonesian youth is known as one of the world’s largest social media users; equipping them with anti-hoax awareness is, simply, relevant.

International University Liaison Indonesia thanks the Executive Office, in particular Mr. Rahardjo and Mr. Wisnuwardhana, for their participation and looks forward to having other engagements in the future. (SaK)

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