February 22, 2024

The Last Day of Orientation Week ended on a Wonderful Note

On Friday,  27 July 2018, the orientation week came to an end. The last day was filled with laughter and tears of joy as the new students found their second home at IULI Campus and officially became new members of the IULI family.

The morning of that day, we had the honor of welcoming Prof. Dr. Arief Rachman to our campus. He gave a seminar to the parents of the students on the topic: “How to be effective parents”. It was very informative and inspirational and definitely gave the parents something to think about.

Afterward, IULI welcomed two special guests to give an interesting seminar for the students.: The Executive Office of the President! Mr. Agustinus Eko Rahardjo and Mr. Alois Wisnuwardhana, both from the Office’s Deputyship IV, delivered an enlightening talk on digital hoaxes: how to recognize and how to deal with them.

In the afternoon the new students participated in the battle of the brains (a trivia game) and they also performed in a very entertaining talent show. Each group performed wonderful musical and dance numbers which had us up on our feet clapping and singing along.

It was a very beautiful scene to see the students’ new friendships blossom throughout the five days of orientation week. And for that, the mentors prepared a special video with photos and videos from the orientation week as a welcome gift to the new students. It was a touching moment as afterward some new students came to the stage and expressed their gratitude and happy feelings they had throughout the whole orientation week. Everyone became a family in just five days! The IULI family is truly a special quality of our university, which shows that our students are loving, caring, mature, welcoming and well-mannered individuals and all this with a diversity that exists so wonderfully within a strong unity.  We are truly blessed that our new and existing students are amazing and we are looking forward to an extraordinary  year and to many years ahead! Welcome to the IULI family new students 2018!


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