February 22, 2024

IULI Adikara Batik present the first Batik Workshop Event together with International and local students, lecturers, parents, IULI’s Staff and the Batik Community member

After IULI Adikara Batik had launch their Batik Corner or Sanggar at IULI University days ago, today June 17th 2023, the committee of IULI Adikara Batik, they are Ivan Joe, Tristan, Anthony, Pikat, Amaka (Nigerian Student), Virginia (German Student), Leea (German Student), Anna (German Student) and Cylysce, present their great job to held the batik workshop.

Batik, an intricate and captivating art form, has a history that spans centuries. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where a similar technique was employed. However, it was in the vibrant culture of Indonesia that batik truly flourished and became

One of the distinguishing characteristics of batik is the tool used in its creation called a canting. This instrument, resembling a small spouted container, allows artisans to carefully apply hot wax to fabric, forming intricate patterns. The process involves a meticulous combination of painting and wax application.

As the creative journey unfolds, the batik fabric goes through various stages. After the application of wax, it is left to dry before the actual coloring process begins. It is important to note that machine-made imitations do not carry the true essence of batik, as the manual technique offers a unique touch and texture to the fabric.

Water glazing is a crucial step in the batik process. Once the coloring is complete, the fabric is rinsed with water to prevent any unwanted color clashes. To remove excess wax, the fabric is boiled in water mixed with tapioca, resulting in a thorough cleansing. Finally, the fabric is rinsed once again and left to dry, revealing the beautiful patterns created by the dissolved wax, leaving a delicate white outline in its wake.

Today, witnessed a remarkable celebration of IULI Adikara Batik at the Sanggar Batik Kembang Mayang, the same location that hosted the previous successful batik event outside of IULI. From 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM, enthusiasts and artists alike immersed themselves in the mesmerizing world of batik, exploring its historical significance and unraveling the secrets behind its creation.

This event served as a vibrant reminder of the cultural importance of batik. It showcased the remarkable craftsmanship and creativity involved in this timeless art form, fostering a deep appreciation for the artisans who have dedicated their lives to preserving this cultural treasure.

As batik continues to evolve, it remains an enduring symbol of Indonesian heritage. Its intricate patterns and vibrant colors serve as a visual representation of the nation’s rich cultural diversity. Moreover, it serves as a medium for creative expression, connecting individuals and communities through the beauty of art.

Adikara Batik IULI founded by Mrs. RA. Afera Wijayanti, SE., M.Ak., CPMSA also Mrs. Siti Nurfitriana, S.TP., S.A who supervised and initiator this event, extends its gratitude to Mrs. Farah as the Head of Sanggar Batik Kembang Mayang, Nabilung Restaurant-created from IULI’s student project, also IULI Lecturer Mrs. Patmah Fatoni S.Si., M.Eng and IULI Staff Mrs. Ambar Ferianti, IULI Parents who contributed to making this event a resounding success. Through such endeavors, the university remains committed to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of Indonesia. (Cyl/Afw)

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