December 10, 2022

IULI Holds “Be the Best Possible You” Webinar in collaboration with Quipper Campus

To highlight the special benefits of studying abroad, IULI held a webinar titled “Be the Best Possible You” in collaboration with Quipper Campus on 26 March 2021. The audience were high school students from major cities in Indonesia and they showed great interest in the topic.

The speakers for this occasion were four IULI students: Andreas and Christian Hartauer- two brothers from Germany studying International Relations who moved to Indonesia to study at IULI- , Lidwina Kusumawardani Putri Biantoro a Food Technology student who grew up in Malaysia, moved to Indonesia to study at IULI and is currently pursuing her double degree at IULI’s partner university TU Ilmenau, Germany, and Saraswati Harischandra, a IULI alumni who completed her bachelor degree majoring in Hotel and Tourism Management including an internship at the Shangri-la Resort in Oman.

All our speakers talked about the importance and benefits of equipping yourself with experiences, knowledge and skills that are gained from studying and working in foreign countries. The international exposure, global networking and learning new languages are some of the key benefits that you can gain to enrich yourself to become the best possible you and it will prepare you to succeed in your future career in a global competitive job market.

With so many world-class degrees offered around the world, it can be quite challenging to find the best possible place for you to study and the best place to prepare for your chosen career. Choosing a country to study in should not just be about outstanding academic qualification. It should also provide you with valuable work placements, soft skills, character development and all as part of your studies. 

These placements, such as study opportunities, internships or volunteering positions are designed for you to build new skills, make new contacts and apply your learning in a real-world, professional environment.

And as universities have such strong links with every type of industry (from engineering to business to science and more) you’re sure to find a placement that’s right for you.

It’s another reason why graduates who studied abroad are among the most employable in the entire world since graduating from a good foreign university can help you to really stand out in an increasingly competitive job market. 

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