November 30, 2023

IULI  Students from the Food Technology Study Program join Lokakarya Seminar on Nutrition, Microbiota, and Food Processing at Atma Jaya University

On Thursday 19th September 2019, IULI lecturer, Dr. Lucia Kusumawati, and Food Technology 2017 students Andrean Wangsa, Kustiyowati, Lidwina Kusumawardani Biantoro Putri, and Rayhan Fahrheza attended a seminar in Atma Jaya campus BSD, which discussed about nutrition, microbiota, and food processing. Titled: “The New Paradigm of The Future”. The event had 6 speakers, and they focused on the 3 main topics stated.

Aside from the speakers, there was also a lab tour in which attendants could visit and see the lab work of Atma Jaya students. There were also booths, which presented the various papers made by Atma Jaya students and other members. The booths also displayed samples of the products developed in their lab including their pure culture tempeh, tempeh nuggets, andaliman tea, and other soy based products which included traditional fried tempeh, tempe orek, tempe teri.


As food technologists, it is important to stay up to date with the upcoming consumer trends, and the occurring issues. Seminars like these are useful for them to be more informed regarding those topics.


(Andrean Wangsa/FTE 2017)


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