August 9, 2022

Meet our Owl: Dr. Samuel PD Anantadjaya

Dr. Samuel PD Anantadjaya (Dr. Sam) is the dean of the Business and Social Sciences Faculty and also head of the International Business Administration study program at IULI. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, USA. He then continued to acquire his MBA from Edgewood College also in Wisconsin USA. Dr. Sam  got his second master degree, Master of Management, from Universitas Telkom and his Doctoral degree from Universitas Parahyangan, Bandung. In 2015, Dr. Sam joined IULI and dedicated his work to educate the young minds of the Business and Social Sciences Faculty.

Dr. Sam sees IULI as a place where you can get the education, you can have a lot of activities.  A place where you can chit chat with everyone within the IULI community. “IULI is a place where you can hangout, definitely. And the IULI slogan is “IULI second home” and we are trying to make this a reality. So that’s from now. But then if you are talking about the next 5-10 years I am expecting, I am hoping that IULI is going to be well-known by everybody in the world and everybody also nearby. You know the struggling areas not only in Indonesia, but also overseas. That we are still able to maintain the education, the quality of education”, he elaborates. Even though IULI is currently operating online, Dr. Sam and his faculty members are trying to transfer everything offline into online practices. So, whatever is seen in the offline classrooms, is transferred online.

Dr. Sam has made many scholarly contributions, including co-authored research papers and journals. Among his published work we can find a collection of articles and books , articles in English , his Google Scholar list and also his work regarding Copyright.

The dean of Business and Social Sciences of IULI’s area of expertise includes the organizational performance management as well as control systems. “I am very fond of the organizational recovery, corporate recovery, corporate restructuring, intangible assets or tangible assets, the value base and the auditing, which is mainly talking about the managerial audit. I’m not talking about the financial audit. I’m going more into the management audit. This is the reason why I am talking about the area of specialties in regard to organizational performance as well as control systems”, he explains.  

Currently, Dr. Sam focuses his research on mirroring the areas of expertise. “I’m into the organizational performance management as well as control systems. So, on one side I’m talking about how we can possibly handle the organization, how we can possibly handle the performance of the organization, but then on the other side I’m talking about control systems, how can we possibly control and monitor I guess those types of plans that we have and those initiatives inside the company”, he explains.

In the next 10 years he believes it is going to be a lot more interesting, because everything is shifting from offline to online based practices. According to Dr. Sam it is going to be very much challenging for every organization around the world. “As you can see, the people inside the organization supposed to be believing and supposed to be understanding a lot about the new primary factors that we are talking about in terms of online practices. So rather than talking about the Internet of things in terms of only certain issues in the faculty of Business and Social Sciences, where I belong to right now since 2015, we are basically talking about the Internet of things in terms of people, as for their services, now what do I mean by that? You know, we believe in so much that the things are important, but also, we believe that the human being is also important and regarding services, we can only rely on the human beings. So, what I’m trying to say again is just simply, we are taking care of “the man behind the gun”. We are not talking about the gun but we are talking about the man”.

Dr. Sam believes that modern technology will have a great impact on his field of study. He emphasizes that Internet of Things will play a huge role in terms of people and their services. In his opinion, the curriculum and the core subjects that are taught at IULI are going to contribute a lot more to all the thinking concerning the data analysis, the big data, the Internet of things, about the online businesses, the online activities that we are currently using, at least since 2020 or at least following the COVID-19 pandemic. “I believe the contribution is still going to be a lot bigger, it’s going to be major, it’s going to be substantial otherwise, because we are supposed to be changing the concept, the framework of thinking of people from offline based to online based,” he says.

In his free time Dr. Sam enjoys listening to music and also playing music. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Sam would play the piano in our student hall and entertain our ears with his beautiful melodies.  “My hobbies are music. Both listening to music, you know any time listening to music basically, but then of course not too loud and also playing music. Even though right now it’s rather difficult, because everybody is staying at home, so if I’m playing music, it’s going to be loud and everybody is going to start complaining, but other than that I like music”.

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