August 9, 2022

Meet our Owl: Ms. Evelyn Djiuardi

Ms. Evelyn Djiuardi is one of IULI’s lecturers in the Food Technology department. Since 2018 Ms. Evelyn has been teaching Food Technology subjects for the Life Science Faculty. Through her commitment to this role, she has helped IULI improve the quality of education in her field and has also established good relations with her students and alumni in and outside of the classroom.  

Ms. Evelyn Djiuardi was born on 1 June 1987, in Bandung, West Java. After graduating high school, she moved to BSD, Tangerang to study at Swiss German University (SGU) to acquire her bachelor degree in Food Technology. As a mother of two, Madison (4 years old) and Jaxon (2 years old), She has led an impressive career as a food engineer after years of experience working in the Food industry. After graduating from SGU, she worked in a multinational company as a research and development staff. Her Responsibilities were to develop flavour for a new and existing brand of toothpaste and conducted sensory analyses.

Afterwards she decided to pursue her Master Degree from the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB).  Ms. Evelyn specializes in food processing technology, especially in micro and motion designs and its application in food products. Her main focus in research has been in Food engineering and food processing technology. “Through this knowledge we can see how technology can help the food industry to efficiently produce more food for the growing population. In the next 10 years, this research area will definitely grow rapidly and we can see that there are many food processing technologies that can be combined with Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. Technology trends are constantly evolving; each year will bring a new trend. In the next ten years this field will help to reduce diseases, improve quality of food, safety consumption, improve the variety of food items, establish affordable costs of food items and create better preservation techniques,” she says.

In 2016, Ms. Evelyin was granted a research project for new lecturers from the Ministry of Research and Technology of Higher Education (Ristekdikti). The research project focused on the developmemt of crackers with high protein and fibre by adding Kolesom flour. In 2017, she was granted another research project from Ristekdikti with the title: “Color film indicator taken from Clitoria Ternatea flower to use in fish products as smart packaging method”

In her free time, Ms. Evelyn enjoys making miniature dollhouses as a DIY projects to help her stay calm and relaxed after working.

As a lecturer of Food Technology, Ms. Evelyn invites young learners to explore the importance of this field of study. “Through Food Technology we are able to improve the quality and safe consumption of food. In this study program we learn how to apply the science to select the raw materials, how to process the raw materials, how to do the packaging, preserve it and even distribute the food products so that it can be consumed safely by the consumer. So, activities like enhancing food nutrition, increasing its shelf life, checking its safety or making it healthier. Together this constitutes Food Technology. This field is also responsible for making consumers well informed about the food they consume”, she explains.

 If you think this study program is the right choice for you, apply to IULI’s Food Technology Bachelor Program now:

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