December 10, 2022

Properly Handling Raw Meat in the Food Industry

What comes to your mind when you hear about food made from ‘meat’? Surely you immediately imagine the delicious and appetizing dishes. But did you know that these delicious dishes made from meat go through various processes before they are finally served to you and are safe and healthy for consumption?

One of the lecturers from the Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Life Sciences at the International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI),  Hendry Noer Fadlillah, explains in his article in the Kulinology magazine how raw meat must be handled properly to keep it fresh and safe for consumption.

In order for consumers to get quality processed meat products, proper handling must be used in the distribution and processing chain. Meat is a perishable product. Starting from the buthchering process, meat is easily contaminated, both by pathogenics and spoilage microbes, so it is not surprising that the shelf life of meat is very short.

The following is a brief summary quoted from the article by Hendry Noer Fadlillah about some handling tips that need to be used to minimize the decaying of meat, especially related to food safety:

1. Sanitation and hygiene: Hygiene is a key factor for food safety.

2. Separate raw and cooked ingredients: Mixing raw and cooked ingredients has the potential to cause cross-contamination, where raw materials can contaminate cooked food.

3. Cook until the desired temperature is reached: Cooking processes involving high temperatures, in addition to affecting the sensory character of food, are also part of the efforts to improve food safety assurance.

4. Cool at the right temperature: Pathogenics and spoilage microbes have an ideal temperature for growth, which is in the range of 5 to 60°C.

An equally important factor in maintaining meat quality is the storage process, according to Hendry Noer Fadlillah in his article. And don’t forget, he adds, that, when buying raw meat, some tips are useful so that the meat that we buy has very good quality and is safe for consumption.

Want to know more about the proper handling of raw meat? You can read his article in the Kulinologi magazine with the attached pictures.

Greetings from IULI!

By Hendry Noer Fadlillah Lecturer in the Department of Food Technology Faculty of Life Sciences International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI)

Source: Kulinologi magazine

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